Alexander Nicholson

Your Site Reliability Engineer

Professional Site Reliability Engineer (+DevOps / NetOps / SysOps). Living in Tokyo. Specializing in building and scaling SRE platforms and teams.Working with Kubernetes (AWS EKS and Helm), Container Technology (Docker / Containerd / Firecracker). Performing AWS wizardry on a daily basis. AWS expert, experienced public cloud user, Serverless developer and bare metal engineer.I also build things. My web frameworks of choice are Django (Python) and Sinatra (Ruby), although I can tinker with other languages such as Elixir (winner of Elixir Camp Sydney 2018) and Rust.Communication is the cement of an agile team.






This website, and I, are offset.
- I offset my personal carbon emissions on Ecologi.
- I purchase offsets using innovative carbon capture technology to offset the damage done to our planet, and to allow you to browse this site neutrally.

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Alexander Nicholson

Your Site Reliability Engineer


Site Reliability Engineering Manager at TableCheck