Alexander Nicholson

Your Site Reliability Engineer

Professional Operations (DevOps / NetOps / SysOps) Site Reliability Engineer and Developer. Living in Tokyo.

Working with Kubernetes (EKS and Helm), Container Technology (Docker / Containerd / Firecracker). Performing AWS wizardry with Terraform on a daily basis. AWS expert, Public Cloud and Serverless developer and bare metal engineer. Debian enthusiast.

I also build things. My web frameworks of choice are Django (Python) and Sinatra (Ruby), although I can tinker with other languages such as Elixir (winner of Elixir Camp Sydney 2018) and Rust.

Communication is the cement of an agile team.

This website, and I, are offset.
I offset my personal carbon emissions on Ecologi.I purchase offsets using innovative carbon capture technology to offset the damage done to our planet, and to allow you to browse this site neutrally.



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